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Director of Lands and Surveys,
6th Floor, Menara Pelita, Petrajaya,
Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub,  93050 Kuching Malaysia.
Fax: (6082) 441 714
 | Email: landsurvey[at]sarawak[dot]gov[dot]my
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Last Update: 21 Jan 2018
Enforcement Branch
[+] 1. How to apply for licence to Remove Rock Materials?
[+] 2. What the difference of License Rock Material and Mineral Tenement?
[+] 3. How to apply licence to Remove Rock Materials?

Human Resource Management & Administration Section
[+] 1. How to apply job vacancy at the department?

Information System Branch
[+] 1. What is the link for eLasis Services?
[+] 2. What are the payment options for eLASIS services?
[+] 3. What are the differences between Basic User Accounts and Premium User Accounts?
[+] 4. What are the system requirements for eLASIS services?

Land Branch
[+] 1. How to apply for Native Customary Rights (NCR) land to be surveyed and gazetted under Section 6 of the Land Code (Cap 81)?
[+] 2. Is there any surcharge if annual rent and installment of premium are not paid prior to the due date?
[+] 3. How to apply for variation of title condition (AVTC) and subdivision?
[+] 4. How to apply for permission to deal (Transfer, Sublease and Charge)?
[+] 5. How to apply for renewal of land leases (RLL)?

Planning Branch
[+] 1. What is "development"?
[+] 2. What is amalgamation and subdivision of land?
[+] 3. What is subdivision of land?
[+] 4. Where to submit an application for development?

Survey Branch
[+] 1. Procedure for Purchasing Maps/ Aerial Photographs