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Chief Information Officer (CIO)Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Lim Khing Chong
 6082-444 111 sambungan 8400
  Roles and Responsibilities

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for the development of his or her agency's State ICT Strategic Plan (ITSP). Appointed by the respective agency, the CIO represents a valuable component in the efforts by the government to institute strategic ICT planning in the State Public Service.

Roles of CIO
a). Develop the agency's annual Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP).
b). Consolidate and integrate the cross-functional processes between agencies.
c). Develop, operate and manage a secure and stable ICT system and infrastructure.
d). Enstablish and set ICT directions for the agency.
e). Preserve the data integrity amongst the applications owned by the agency.
f). Promote effective ICT usage, which is in line with the agency's strategic objectives.
g). Lead and engage the agency in government initiatives to develop and implement ICT projects in the State Public Service.