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The Branch was set up in line with the Sarawak State Government's policy to create in each Department on HRD Branch to manage its own human resource requirements. 


To develop high levels of competencies, capabilities and skills through committed organised learning, and to cultivate a self-directed learning habit of our human resources. 


To manage and develop effectively our human resources to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the Department and those of the Civil Service as a whole.

Function and Duties of the

In-house Training Unit

  • Responsible for coordinating, compiling and organizing in-house courses for all level of staffs.
  • Conducting courses of technical nature, relating to the functions and duties of the various Branches of the Department.
  • Conducting External courses required throughout the training year which the department feel is required and necessary to enchance the skills and knowledge of the officers.
  • Conducting Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Exhibitions etc.
  • Source for internal trainers / facilitators from among the Department's pool of senior or experienced officers.
  • Arranges for external trainers/facilitators and facilities if such expertise and facilities are required.


Brief History

Prior to 1989, human resource development (HRD) activities in the Department were informally organized, with no specific officer being put in charge of the Department's overall training programme. The only formal human resource development programme more..


Departmental Examination

An essential role played by the HRD Unit is to conduct Departmental Examination for new recruits wihich is conducted twice a year.  New recuits are required to pass the Departmental examination as part of the confirmation process during their probation period of 3 years.

Innovative and Creative Convention

Sarawak achieved a historic triple victory by winning the Anugerah Ketua Setiausaha Negara in both the technical and management categories for the first time during the 28th national-level Civil Service Innovative and Creative Circle Convention held in Negeri Sembilan from 31 October to 2 November 2011. The record feat was scored by two teams from the Land and Survey Department - Millennium Sabe in the Technical Category and 4-Quest in the Management Category.

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