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Prior to the establishment of the Enforcement Division at Headquarters in 1997, there were only  Enforcement Units within the Land Branches at the divisional offices of the Land and Survey Department. The Enforcement Branch of the Department was established in response to the government policy which emphasizes on importance of the enforcement of the laws, in taking firm measures and actions in:-

  • the prevention and eradication of squatters problems; 
  • dealing with breach of title conditions; and
  • illegal removals of rock materials;   


(Organisation Structure)

  • To enforce the law under the provisions of the Land Code and the Minerals Ordinance 2004;
  • To ensure prompt and effective action against squatters, illegal removals of minerals and rock materials and breach of title conditions; 
  • To ensure compliance with conditions of licenses issued under the Land Code and Minerals Tenements under the Minerals Ordinance, 2004
  • To enforce the Land Use (Control of Prescribed Trading Activities) Ordinance, 1997
  • To ensure royalties in respect of minerals and rock materials due to the Government are  collected promptly



  • Enforcement of the law under the provisions of the Land Code and Minerals Ordinance, 2004; 
  • Issuance of  minerals tenements and licenses to remove earth, sand and gravel, wharf and collection of royalty therefrom; 
  • Prevention, demolition and eviction of squatters on State Land; 
  • Prosecution of squatters and other offenders under Section 209 of the Land Code and under Part XI of the Minerals Ordinance, 2004;
  • Enforcement of the provision of Section 33 of the Land Code in respect of Breach of Title Conditions;
  • Enforcement of the Land Use (Control of Prescribed Trading Activities) Ordinance, 1997;
  • Maintenance of statistics on squatters, royalty collection and breach of title conditions;
  • Planning and monitoring enforcement programme in all Division


               Client Charters

Enforcement Branchn (Headquarters)

Enforcement Section (Divisional)



  • Under Part XI, Minerals Ordinance, 2004
  • Other offences under the privision of the Land Code (Cap.81)


Frequently Asked


  • Minerals Tenements (Mining Licences)



  • Rock materials as defined in Section 32(1)(d) of the Land Code which include earth, gravel, clay, stone , coral shell, guano, sand or lime;
  • State Land shall include all land held by or on behalf of the Federal or State Government or a public authority or a statutory authority [Ord. No. 3/79]