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Finance SectionFinance Section


  • To be the source and focal reference for financial and accounting information of the Department


  • To provide quality financial and accounting services for the Department


  • To ensure that all financial and accounting activities adhere to rules and procedures laid down in:-

           -  Financial Procedure Act 1957.

           -  Treasury Instructions.

           -  Treasury Circulars.

           -  Service Circulars.

           -  General Orders and Supplementary Regulations.

  • To prepare Yearly Expenditure Estimates, Periodic Budget Analysis and Budgetary Controls.
  • To manage, supervise and control daily financial and accounting activities and to  maintain proper accounting records for all transactions.
  • To prepare and provide essential, accurate and complete financial and accounting information for management and other authorized users.


  • Maintain record for all allocation received and expenditures incurred by the Department and to  ensure expenditures do not exceed allocation.
  • Allocate warrants to Department's divisional offices and other Agencies where required. 
  • Prepare payments for Suppliers of goods and services procured by Department, contract claims, consultancy fees, land compensation and staff claims.
  • Issue  Purchase Orders for procurement of goods and services.
  • Collect payment for tender deposit, tender document fees, sales of maps and sales of boarded-off items.
  • Prepare salary inputs and salary adjustments for staff.
  • Reconciliation of accounts between Treasury's report and Department's record.  
  • Prepare Monthly Return of Expenditure to Department allocating fund.
  • Maintain cash book, bill registers & Trust and Deposit accounts. 
  • Prepare and generate Monthly and Ad-Hoc Financial Reports for Management and other authorized users. 


  • To effect payment to Suppliers of goods and services, contract claims and consultancy fees within fourteen (14) days from date of receiving duly certified and completed bills, invoices and claims.

  • To effect payment for staff claims within fourteen (14) days from date of receiving duly authorised and completed claim forms.