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Valuation BranchValuation Branch



Valuation Branch is responsible for managing land acquisition in accordance with the Government Development Programs. Besides that, it is resposible for assessing promptly all fees due to the Goverment as well as to provide profesional advice to Goverment Agencies.


To ensure land required for implementation of government development projects are made available timely.


1. To carry out compulsory land acquisitions in respect of :-

a).  Alienated land,

  • Part IV of the Land Code (Cap 81) empowers the Director of the Land and Survey Department to carry out compulsory acquisition of all alienated land for the Government, Statutory Bodies and Local Authorities for public purposes.
  • The date of valuation for the purpose of determining the compensation payable  is stipulated under Section 60 (1) (a) of the Land Code which states the date of publication  of the Section 47 or Section 48 of the Land Code notice, whichever is earlier

b). Unregistered / Unserveyed state land  which is subject to Native Customary Rights

  • Section 5 (3) & (4) of the Land Code (Cap 81) Provides for the extinguishments of Native Customary Rights over land. Provided that where such rights are extinguished in pursuance of this section compensation shall be paid to any person who can establish his claims to such rights in accordance with paragraph (b) and (c); or other land over which such rights may be exercised may be made available to him with or without the payment of additional compensation whether for disturbance, or for the costs of removal, or otherwise.

c).  Native Communal Reserve

  • Section 6 (4) of the Land Code Used for acquiring land which has been gazetted as a Native Communal Reserve.

2. Providing Assessment of Premium and Annual Rent   for
  • Application for Variation of Title Condition (AVTC)
  • Direct Alienation
  • Renewal of Land Leases (RLL)
  • Annual Rent

3. Miscellaneous Valuation Services such as

  • Rental Assessment
  • Assessment for Student Loan Purposes
  • Assessment of Fee Payable for Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL)
  • Auction by the High Court


For further information, please contact: 

Valuation Branch,
Headquaters :6082-444111 ext. 8501; or 
relevant Divisional Offices.