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(6082) 444 111
Director of Lands and Surveys,
6th Floor, Menara Pelita,
Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub,  93050 Kuching Malaysia.
Fax: (6082) 441 714 | Email: landsurvey[at]sarawak[dot]gov[dot]my
Last Update: 14 Dec 2017
Sarawak Government Mobile Application
Posted on 27 Nov 2017

Sarawak Gov, an official app of the State Government of Sarawak, delivers you up-to-date information about Sarawak. Exclusive advantages Sarawak Gov can offer- Both new and trending contents. You can add the events on to your digital calendar.

1. News on Sarawak: News on Sarawak State government and local news.
2. Sarawak Happenings: Events that are held by Sarawak Government and other public events.
3. Sarawak Weather: Showing Sarawak water level and rainfall.
4. Sarawak Tourism: Information on places of interest in Sarawak.
5. Sarawak Facts & Figures: Information on Sarawak.
6. Info Disaster: News and updates on recently declared disasters outbreak.
7. Other Sarawak Official App: Listing of other Sarawak Government official apps.

Now available for download from Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

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